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Case Studies

When NASA needs a second opinion on Space Shuttle rubber whom do they call? 

O-Rings, Inc.


$20 per pound o-rings replace $2,000 per pound o-rings in dry chemical process.

The nano and semicon industries utilize some of the most toxic fluids and gases in use often ahead of normal seal design and material innovation.  The seals must keep the inside vapors in, outside air out and introduce no contaminants of its own. The chemical vapor deposition furnace reaches temperatures of 900C and the chamber is bombarded with toxic chemical vapors. The preventative maintenance was calling for $2,000 per pound o-rings to be used. However, our engineers proved that the introductory chamber is exposed only to inert gas inside and atmospheric air outside, and its temperature at the seal is less than 200C. $20 per pound o-rings with high purity was recommended.


A single $50 rubber o-ring design replaces $5,000 metal/rubber o-ring design

The aerospace industry demands zero defects due to its safety critical concerns. Its extreme environment has been the primary driving force behind the birth of many advanced elastomers. The maximum temperature specification for a particular aerospace component is 760C. The highest temperature elastomer tops out at 320C. Therefore a $5,000 worth of complex multi-staged metal and rubber o-rings with cooling channel combination was proposed. However, our engineers discovered that due to distance from the heat source, wind chilled factor, and low thermal conductivity of seal, the actual temperature at the seal was less than 100C. $50 single o-ring design with maximum temperature rating of 125C was recommended.


Recalibrated rubber compound activates a fleet of tanks. 

The lowest operating temperature specified for particular component of a tank is -54C. The previous seal formulation which can stay elastic at –54C could not withstand the new military wash down chemical. Inversely the new seal formulation designed to withstand the new wash down chemical could not stay elastic at low temperature. However, our engineers discovered that the seals need not stay elastic to seal at arctic condition since the sealing medium grease is so viscous at that temperature it can not possibly leak. Newly calibrated low temperature specification is adapted without costly downtime.


New $50 o-rings to replace $1 o-rings when $1 o-rings are still doing the job.

Sometimes more is less. $1 o-rings were being used to seal nozzles at a major petrochemical device manufacturer. However, our engineers calculated that $50 o-rings could increase the preventative maintenance schedule duration from 1 month to 3 months. The savings realized were gains in uptime productivity and safety margin along with reduced preventative maintenance personnel workload and all associate costs. 


New advancement in elastomer cuts seal usage by half.

In the past an inexpensive legacy elastomer was chosen to save cost and incorporated double-seal design for safety redundancy on a fuel system component. However, our engineers discovered that if new advanced elastomer is used, the original two o-rings groove design can be modified to accept one o-ring with no performance and safety penalty. New design eliminates purchasing, holding, installing and warranting of extra 17 million o-rings each year.



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