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FACOM/1 Methodology

In the Beginning: 

When Dean Barteux and Ernie Carrin founded O-Rings, Inc. in 1958, they could not have imagined the impact their little company would have in the rubber users today. The company has become a full life-cycle elastomer engineering company servicing The Who's Who in every important industry sector. O-Rings, Inc. had established product sales and engineering consulting businesses when it launched "consumable management" practice which mated the management consulting practice to the rubber world.

Our Value Proposition:
"We help improve Performance/Cost ratio in rubber faster and deeper than required by your internal or external customers"

Consumable Management Practice is a Methodology: 
From the very first days of the launch, we set out to be the innovator and differentiator in delivering most quality for bang to your supply chain management team. The Fully Adjusted Cost Optimization Method 1 (FACOM/1) is a time proven methodology in cutting costs in elastomer consumables.  If cost cutting in elastomer is your objective, this unconventional yet highly effective method will put your company on the map, over and over again. FACOM/1 subject matter experts will analyze and methodically scrub any and all cost savings hiding within your supply chain. You will be pleasantly rewarded by our findings. 

Consulting Expertise: Rubber consumables used during preventative maintenance, OEM and aftermarket assemblies have hidden savings which are not visible to the day-to-day operators. We think outside of the box by applying disruptive technology to the rubber side of your business.  Cut your cost/performance ratio faster and deeper than conventional wisdom thought possible.

FACOM/1 methodology is not limited to rubber strategy. We offer full life cycle of consulting: strategy, installation, configuration, implementation, and operation, and value added reselling. We have deep expertise in rubber consumables used by Semicon, Nano, Military, Automotive, Petrochemical, and Aerospace Industry leaders. 

Product Expertise:  Our application of FACOM/1 to our own operations revealed that during the implementation stage of FACOM/1, we had to collect and maintain extensive database on world class consumable suppliers. In some cases we made investments in our clients' in-house production capability during implementation of the strategy.  We have fast track developed new products where none existed before. 

The Methodology Has Three Stages, and A Life cycle:
The FACOM/1 (Fully Adjusted Cost Optimization Method 1) employes a process designed to produce accelerated result through fast track concept identification, fit/gap analysis, support assignment, and focus/finish application.

FACOM/1 methodology is not limited to strategy. We offer full life cycle of rubber consulting: Strategy, Installation, Configuration, Implementation, and Operation. With us you have a guy in the rubber industry. 

FACOM/1 Process:


Review Biz Plan, 

Review Technology, Process, 

Market, Resources
FIT/GAP Analysis

Snapshot of Client

Snapshot of environment

Go/ No Go

Executive Champion

Other Resources
Focus & Finish

Apply ROI

FACOM/1 Lifecycle



FACOM/1 Stages:

Stage 1: "Mild"

Stage 2: "Wild"

Minor Pioneering
Stage 3: "Monte Carlo"

Major Pioneering

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