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Oil / Chemical

Made-to-order special parts. Custom tooling fee and lead time apply. 

O-Rings, Inc. has the best oil drilling / mining rubber formulations in the industry. They are proven in Texas oil wells. They are formulated to withstand ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature environment. If you need parts made with such rubber formulations please contact us. These are non-stocking, made-to-order parts. Blue print is required.

  • T Seals with or without Backup Rings.
  • Chevron Seals, 'V' Packings.
  • Seals for Hammer Unions, Swivel joints & Expansion Joints.
  • Inner and Outer Seals for Blow Out Preventers.
  • Thread Protector Cups, & Covers as per API standards.
  • Seals for Wireline Equipments & Cap Liners.
  • Wiper & Scrappers.
  • Plunger Cups, Valve Cups, Baffles for Mud Pumps.
  • Backup Rings with Glass or Graphite filling and Phosphorous Bronze filled PTFE.
  • Balancing Straps.
  • Shock Mounts for Shale Shakers.
  • Cups for Pigging.
  • Cementing Plugs and Bridge Plugs. (Non Rotational & Conventional Types)
  • Diaphragms. (Rayon, Nylon, Reinforced)
  • Stage Cementing Collars.
  • Metal Bonded Components (Cement Retaining Seals)
  • Closing Sleeves, Seals for Tie Back Mandrels.
  • Oil Seal and Bonded Washers.

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