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Sizing Tools

O-Rings International Sizing Standards:



Great Britain

BS 1806 - BS 4518


DIN 3771


SMS 1586


NF T 47 501


JIS B 2401

O-Rings Sizing Tools:

Parker size cone is a must-have when working with o-rings. It measures dash sized (AS568) o-ring at a glance. The tape (included) is designed to measure the large inside diameter and it works using same principle as the PI tapes. The notched slots on the side give you quick cross secton check at a glance. Buy Online.

The National sliding gauge identifies o-ring dash size by ingeniously converting the inside diameter and cross section to corresponding AS568 dash sizes. Red plastic construction. 
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Mitutoyo 6 inch Digital caliper.
Calipers thumb lock holds slider in position Measure (including step) 0 to 6in., 0 to 150mm Digital readouts to .0005 in./0.1mm
Accuracy: +/-.001in. zero-setting plus alarms
Uses one SR-44 battery (included); with case. 
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