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O-Rings, Inc. Since 1958

The world's largest selection of military specification O-Rings, and home of OEM rubber parts.

You've discovered O-Rings, Inc. the first name in O-Ring since 1958 with the right attitude, the best service, and value. You can find everything you need to know about O-Rings on our web site. We built this site just for you. We have gone the great lengths to get you here, and even greater amount of thoughts and energy was spent to make sure you find what you need on this web site.  

  • Since 1958 reliability. Billions and billions in service
  • U.S. Congressional Special Recognition Recipient
  • Department of Defense Cage: 10464
  • Quality Assurance: MIL-I-45208
O-Rings by Material EPDM 70 NSF
FFKM Perfluoroelastomer
FKM Viton 75 Black
FKM Viton 75 Brown
FKM Viton 90 Black
Neoprene CR70
Nitrile BN70
Nitrile BN70 FDA
Nitrile BN90
Polyacrylate PA70
PolyUrethane PU70 Industrial Use
PolyUrethane PU90 Industrial Use
PolyUrethane PU70 For Paintball Markers
PolyUrethane PU90 For Paintball Markers
Silicone S70 FDA Red
PTFE Solid O-Ring White
Quad Rings
Metric Sizes (MM DIN)

O-Rings By Application Chemical - General
Chemical - Extreme
Drive Belt
Food - FDA
Fuel - Diesel
Fuel - Gasoline
Fuel - Jet
Fuel - MTBE
Gas - Helium
Gas - LPG
Gas - Natural Gas
Gas - Atmosphere Ozone
Gas - High Temperature
Hydraulic Fluid
Lube - Aerospace
Lube - Automotive
Water - NSF
Water - Beer, Whisky, Wine
Water - General
Other Application Not Listed
Military and Aerospace AS3578 (Aerospace Nitrile)
AS3582 (Aerospace Silicone)
M25988/1 (FluoroSilicone 70)
M25988/2 (FluoroSilicone 75)
M25988/3 (FluoroSilicone 60)
M25988/4 (FluoroSilicone 80)
MS35489 (Grommet)
M83248/1 (Military Viton 75)
M83248/2 (Military Viton 90)
M83485/1 (Military Viton GLT)
M83461/1A (Nitrile)
MS27595 (PTFE Solid backup)
MS28774 (PTFE Split Backup)
MS28775 (Nitrile Nitrile 75)
MS28778 (Military Nitrile 90)
MS28782 (PTFE spiral backup)
MS29513 (Nitrile Nitrile 65)
NAS1611, NAS1612 (Aerospace EP)

Kits O-Rings Kits
Make Your Own Rubber Kits
Splice Kits
Lubes, Measuring Cones, Calipers, Extractors

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